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Sunday, August 9, 2015

(VIDEO) #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Trolling Bernie Sanders Don't Speak For Us - #FeelTheBern

Photo Credit - Joanna Connor
U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders,
#FeelTheBern video
This video below going viral on the internet was not recorded by us at Independent Underground News & Talk.

However, the video and this African-American Man eloquently speaking within it -- and as viewers will soon notice not shouting - expresses in 6 minutes and 2 seconds how many Americans despite race, creed or heritage feel about U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders campaign to win the Democratic Nomination.

The Video also effectively calls out protesters loosely or directly associated with the #BlackLivesMatters movement on what exactly they are trying to "achieve".

That is 15 minutes of fame, likes and a moment in time on a cable television politics talk show or program near you.

Listen to the creator of this important video message to Senator Sanders speak for thousands upon millions of his supporters, a day after what occurred in Seattle, Washington, last Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign has outlined a robust policy position on issues associated with Racial Justice the candidate's website.
"Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Samuel DuBose. We know their names. Each of them died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody. The chants are growing louder. People are angry and they have a right to be angry. 
We should not fool ourselves into thinking that this violence only affects those whose names have appeared on TV or in the newspaper. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police."
Read more of Senator Sanders positions on Racial Justice and learn the truth, not paid or unpaid spin about Bernie Sanders campaign to become 45th next President of the United States in 2016.

Also, it is high time for those supporting and affiliating with the Black Lives Matter movement to ask who exactly is "incorporating" the effort or paying individuals to possibly derail any positive vibes left, about #BLM.

In particular, a warranted review is necessary of the background of Ms. Marissa Jeane otherwise known as Marissa Johnson LSF Thot (@rissaoftheway) who describes herself as a “Radical Christian Mullatanist" supporting no other than former Vice-Presidential Republican Candidate Sarah Palin -- by way of her backpack.

The ties that bind....

Who are We to Speak?

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Op/Ed: Who's Paying #BlackLivesMatter Movement to Troll Bernie Sanders?

Photo Credit: The Raw Story/KTRO Channel 7 Washington State -- Protesters claiming to represent the "Black Lives Matter" Movement interrupt Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, Washington August 8

UPDATE: A Statement by the Black Lives Matter Group of Washington State, was issued on Twitter on August 8, 2015 at 6:48 pm ET amounting to a public apology to Senator Bernie Sanders for the trolling of his event, by whoever the group "Outside Agitators" rather loosely associated with #BLM claims to represent.

At this point, it is unknown if the "Outside Agitators" group has any association with Black Lives Matter - Washington or, just used the name #BlackLivesMatter to receive press coverage with trolling Senator Sanders Seattle Rally.

There are two groups claiming the title of #BlackLivesMatter-WA according to investigative reporting compiled by a Twitter Search of @BLM_Seattle. The noted Twitter account issuing the statement at 6:48 pm ET August 8, has been deleted.

The above title to this Op/Ed is a question that inquiring minds want to know. Frankly, at this point, really truly need to know.

Video Credit: The Hill -- Protesters claiming to represent the "Black Lives Matter" Movement interrupt Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, Washington August 8

Black Lives Matter or a group of individuals claiming association in some aspect with the #BLM movement, started a quest to troll Democratic Progressive Presidential Candidate & U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the Netroots Nation Phoenix, AZ Conference in July.

Video Credit - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Protesters claiming to associate with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement repeatedly interrupt invited Democratic Presidential Candidate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at Netroots Nation Conference in July 2015.

As described in this earlier IU News Talk article, a group of attendees repeatedly heckled Sanders despite being invited by Netroots organizers to speak at the dubbed "Progressive" conference.

The participants succeed in achieving what is widely assumed they desired. National corporate media press coverage of the trolling in live and living color. 

CNN, ABC, NBC and even the fading "Progressive" network of MSNBC used footage from Netroots Conference and openly questioned it Senator Sanders had real, grassroots support of the Democratic Party Faithful as well as Independent-Left leaning voters, flocking to the Vermont Federal Legislators' campaign in droves.
Hot Off The Pressers UPDATE: Read #PartTwo (VIDEO) #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Trolling Bernie Sanders Don't Speak For Us - #FeelTheBern Here!
Not deterred by the trolling of #BLM at Netroots Nation Conference in the least, Senator Sanders gave a speech August 6 strongly supporting the Right to Vote for all, introduced legislation to make Election Day a National Holiday and to automatically register citizens to vote on their 18th Birthday.

Amazingly, again - despite the elder son of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, MLK III, members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the SCLC CEO Dr. Charles Steele, the Drum Major Institute and of course Senator Sanders attendance at this important event; the associated trolling members as of late with the #BLM movement at Sanders speeches or rallies were not.

The question is why not. 

If the cause of Black Lives Matter and of course one would believe the Right to Vote unfettered is of utmost importance to these random #BLM protesters, what better opportunity existed to express their "disapproval" of the Democratic Presidential Nominee contender than at Sanders speech on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

However, they being the #BLM "protestors", were not there.

Nor were these now instant corporate media "famous" protesters in attendance at the either of the seventeen Republican Presidential Nominees debate in Cleveland, Ohio just last Tuesday hosted by Fox News channel and broadcast live.

Candidates associated with the Grand Ole Party were broke up into two groups consisting of "Not a Chance in Hell" and "OMG Oh No" for each of the seventeen participants quest in seeking the Republican Party Presidential Nomination. 

During the two sessions, not only did none of the candidates utter the words "Black Lives Matter" but, each failed to name one out of 300+ victims of color over the past seven years whose lives were taken either by a confrontation with law enforcement, private security personnel or a random citizen.

In fact, if one were to ask the #BLM Protestors to "Say The Name" for each of these 300+ victims of color who lives ceased by either a bullet, chokehold, van ride, walking on a porch asking for assistance, in a park with a toy gun, walking down the wrong way on a street, questioning a traffic stop or just unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time, they would not know either.

All of which makes the curious occurrence of some trolling protesters yet again, popping up at another rally hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders August 8, suspect at best.

News resource The Hill reported on the incident as so:

"Protesters who claimed affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the stage during a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Seattle on Saturday, taking over the microphone and forcing Sanders to leave without ever speaking.  
Moments after Sanders took the stage at Westlake Park, two women and one man climbed the stage and confronted the Democratic presidential candidate, demanding a chance to speak.   
After several moments of confusion and confrontation, an event organizer took the microphone and said the protesters would be allowed to speak before Sanders. Some in the crowd booed.   
One protester, who identified herself as Marissa Johnson, began by saying, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is — with all of its progressives — but you’ve already done that for me. 
Thank you.” Johnson spoke, among other things, about police violence in Seattle, mentioning a federal investigation into the city's law enforcement that resulted in the appointment of a monitor to make sure Seattle police were complying with the terms set forth by the Justice Department.  
“Bernie says that he’s all about the people and about grassroots. The biggest grassroots movement in this country right now is Black Lives Matter,” she added.  
She then mentioned the anniversary event that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement — the shooting of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo. last year.  
Johnson requested four-and-a-half minutes of silence from the crowd, to honor the four-and-a-half hours Brown allegedly laid dead in the street after being killed.  
Some in the crowd jeered the protesters and yelled “get off the stage,” but others replied “let her talk.”  
At times, shouts of “arrest her” were audible. After the four-and-a-half minutes, protesters did not relinquish the stage.   
"If you care about Black Lives Matter, as you say you do, you will hold Bernie Sanders specifically accountable for his actions," Johnson continued."
Say what? Bernie Sanders need to be "held" "specifically accountable" for "his actions"? What actions?

Did Bernie Sanders murder Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Renisha McBride, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland or any of the again 300+ victims of violence of color since 2008? Of course he did not.

In fact, Sanders has introduced, spoke or co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation designed to eliminate or address the economic inequality existing in America on the struggle for true civil, income, voting and basic respect as a fellow U.S. Citizen rights in the so-called "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave".

Just because Sanders did not "Say The Name" of Sandra Bland, the late Renisha McBride at Netroots Nation or anywhere else in the U.S.A., does not make the sitting U.S. Senator any less worthy of respect than Hillary Clinton, Martin O' Malley, Lincoln Chafee or Jim Webb - the other Democratic Presidential Contenders.

Instead, it does lead directly and without passing "Go" to the logical question:

Photo Credit- IU News & Talk
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

What is the true motivation of trolling "Black Lives Matter" protestors and worse 
who is exactly paying these individuals to continually heckle Bernie Sanders? 

However, not to equality harass any of the seventeen Republican candidates for President of the United States in 2016, even at their very own debate where none of the GOP contenders said any words like "Black Lives Matter" leaves the informed holding heads in a #FacepalmMoment type of way.

And the question in the Title of this piece hereby remains the right question corporate media resources and the public-at-large, should want and need to know.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Op/Ed: The Bernie Sanders, Martin O' Malley Shoutfest at Netroots Nation '15 Facepalm Moment

Photo Credit - Black Christian News Network One
U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (R)
tries to claim the shout-down fest at Netroots Nation in Phoenix, AZ July 18,
while conference "Moderator" Jose Vergas sits.

It was Ugly, Brutal and Frankly Uncalled For....

It being what should now until the end of time be labeled as "Scream-down in Phoenix at Netroots Nation 2015". The Mainstream Media ate this sad moment in time up.

Watch the melee shoutfest in its entirely with video by Vlogger Pamela Powers Hannley below:

Left and Right wing political blogs or journals had a temporary field day boasting Progressive Candidates for the Democratic Presidential Nomination former Maryland Gov. Martin O' Malley and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) had little if any support of African-American Democrat voters, as a result of what happened in Phoenix.

Photo Credit - US News & World Report
Former Governor of Maryland and Democratic Presidential Candidate
Martin O' Malley stands in silence after being interrupted by unscheduled
"Moderator" Tia Oso, while then demoted "Co-Moderator" Jose Vergas looks on.
The snapshot of some #BlackLivesMatter supporters in Phoenix during July at a conference center ballroom, screaming at the top of their lungs towards both Sanders and O'Malley, was incredibly morphed into by some as on lines with a Mitt Romney "47% Video" exposure redeux.

Video Credit - The Daily Conversation

However, Nothing can be further from the truth.

Instead, here is the take from some Progressives supporting Senator Sanders or O' Malley quest to be the next President of the United States from Netroots Nation on Facebook page.

Photo Credit - Facebook/Netroots Nation Page
Despite these and others calls to in some matter or the other "make right" the "shoutout festival" in Phoenix, the organizers of Netroots Nation believe what occurred to two Democratic Progressive candidates for President attending the Progressive conference is right in line with tone of future Netroots events --FYI.
Photo Credit - Arshad Hasan Twitter @ArshadHasan
“My initial reaction was anxiety,”said Arshad Hasan, the new chair of the board of Netroots Nation and Executive Director of Progress Now to Al Jazeera America. 
“I had just gotten elected [chair of Netroots], and I want this wonderful event to go off perfectly, but seeing the reaction, its effect on the political discourse, seeing the anger and how much they wanted to be heard — seeing the people force their reality on our consciousness — they accomplished that, it was inspiring.”
Thus, it appears at least on surface, the "new" Netroots Chair was A-Okay with the shout down as the "anger" as he put its was "inspiring". Really now?

So, the ten year conference will take a new tone going forward. One of drowning out any candidate or elected official, who happens to be Progressive in nature, if members of the audience so wish to abide.
"...Now we're on the third wave, which is a grassroots movement hangout, largely localized, based on the event venue, but also more broad, and at this point mostly focused on social justice,” said David Dayen, a contributor to a number of digital news sites, including Salon and The New Republic to Al Jazeera America. Dayen, the site notes has attended every Netroots Nation conference since its inception when it was known as Yearly Kos.
Newly atoned Chair of the Netroots Nation Board Arshad Hasan affirmed Dayen's confirmation that drown outs are the new course of the day at Netroots conference, despite any suggested criticisms, therefore. #FacepalmMomentsinTime....
“I think that’s right,” said Netroots Chairman Hasan, “and I don’t think that’s a complaint.”
Let's roundtable back to a little rational perspective on this shall we?

If the Netroots Nation consensus think that by allowing invited Progressive Candidates to be repeatedly interrupted and not have an ample opportunity to have a word edgewise about concrete responses to the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a really "good thing to do", then that is a crying shame. 

Again, nothing can be further from the truth -- now twice over.

If Progressive candidates, and especially one on the level as Bernie Sanders are not given an a chance to speak, then someone must quickly define again what exactly is Netroots Nation about? 

There are plenty of opportunities, if the party desiring such an action wants to take part in, to see candidates get yelled at and otherwise heckled during the campaign cycle. Not much is actually gained for the most part from any of these "Oh Wee Look at Me" moment displays. 

In fact going back in not to far in the past history, the straw that broke the carmel's back in the Romney/Obama 2012 election was the 47% Video, which was silently filmed and then distributed out to Progressive Media outlets by Jason Carter

It is now a belief of the Netroots organizers or better yet New Board Chairperson Hasan, that Mr. Carter or his cohorts who filmed this video would have been better off after this rightful exposure, to start a screaming match with Mitt Romney?

Of course not.

Regardless, if this is the new tactic of the moment with Netroots Nation, well okay -- but count many Progressives like ourselves and other Bernie Sanders supporters out. 

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has taken an active role supporting matters related to civil rights, police brutality and economic injustice for DECADES. Longer than in retrospect many of the "screamers" at Netroots Nation '15 have been born.

Video Credit - The Thom Hartmann Show

Sanders, at least, should have been allowed the opportunity to speak and members of the audience equality should have been allowed to ask POINTED questions of the candidate --without shouting them-- and expect a response back.

O'Malley, whose support of #BlackLivesMatter topics of importance can be rightfully questioned following his "Stop and Frisk" policy while Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland too should have been allowed to state his platform, and then have a tense but controlled by the Moderator Q&A with audience members. 

Screaming someone down should not have been required or worse now promoted proudly, at a Progressive Conference with Progressive Candidates.

One more question before we end this Op/Ed, by the way -- where was the "Top-Tier" Democratic Candidate for President who claim to be aligned with Progressive Causes, Hillary Clinton during the shoutfest in Phoenix at Netroots?

According to Time, she was "suspiciously" somewhere, elsewhere:

Photo Credit - The Hill
"....she was in Iowa and heading to Arkansas, even while her rivals for the Democratic nomination—Sanders and Martin O’Malley—were en route to Phoenix and preparing to court the progressives," wrote Journalist Sam Frizell for Time Magazine July 19.

Speaking of things that make one go umm.

Who Are We to Speak?

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Op/Ed: Time for a Welcome Change in Leadership with the Michigan Democratic Party

Photo Credit - Detroit Free Press/Kathleen Gray
Newly elected Michigan Democratic Party Chairperson - State Representative Brandon Dillon (R) and MDP Chief Executive Officer LaVora Barnes (L)
Op/Ed Written by Monica RW 

On Friday, July 10, the owner of Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT) Monica RW attended a local Washtenaw County Democratic Party Meeting were State Representative Brandon Dillon and LaVora Barnes outlined their upcoming platform to issues important for the State's Progressive voters, if elected to take the leadership reigns of Michigan Democratic Party.

Personally, I was very impressed by not only the questions both Mr. Dillon and Ms. Barnes answered of the audience, but likewise details given in each of those answers.

As a African-American Woman and Local Elected Democratic Office Official, there is a sense of relief knowing this new structure of the MDP will include a fellow African-American Woman as C.E.O. or Chief Executive Officer in charge of coordinating what is necessary to take back the Michigan House of Representatives in 2016, and eventually the State Senate and Governor's Office in 2018.

Ms. Barnes has the in-depth experience required to do so with her many years of prior work in the Coordinated Campaign field.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - our Progressive Politics Podcast arm, selectively pick and chooses whom the show will interview on our program.

This route is deployed due for our desire to ensure interviewees stand aside the Progressive Values IURL upholds and/or present a contrasting viewpoint with facts our listeners should be aware of in the over 400 interviews we have conducted.

To be frank, we at IURL refuse to waste our audience time on the "Fluff Filled" interview.

For Mr. Dillion behalf, our Politics Podcast Resource - Independent Underground Radio LIVE - interviewed the State Representative in 2013.

During the discussion, we're very impressed on his depth of knowledge topics ranging from Election Rigging to Saving Michigan's Public Education system talked about during the program, as well as his personal commitment to Progressive Values.

At IURL and IUNT, we occasionally take positions that are different from what the party and/or the "political apparatus" touts. For this reason, we're not bothered in the least by State Rep. Dillon former Pro-Life stance, which changed in 2012.

It is not required all Progressives walk "lock step" in unison on all subject manners. However, it is important that when holding an elected office, one evaluate the needs of ALL voters, and what is best for majority of those voters.

In this case, despite what his personal position might have been, Mr. Dillon realized that voting with Republicans seeking to limit or cease a Woman's Right to Choose was the wrong choice to make. IUNT appreciates Mr. Dillon's change in position on this highly important manner.

With such, we welcome the New Leadership of Mr. Brandon Dillon as Chairperson and Ms. Levora Barnes of C.E.O. of Michigan Democratic Party (MDP).

Likewise, we at IUNT & IURL look forward to working with them both to advance the Progressive Platform along with dramatically change the current make up of Republican Executive and Legislative Branch Dominance in our Beloved State.

"Independent Underground News & Talk (IUNT) and Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) is the top African-American independently owned and operated Progressive Politics Resource & Podcast in the State of Michigan. In 2013 IUNT was honored as a Nationwide Finalist the Best News & Politics Blog by the highly esteemed Black Weblog Awards and News One Organization.

Two years later in 2015, IURL achieved its' goal of exceeding over 2 million downloads and listens of the podcast program, making Independent Underground News & Talk the Number #1 Progressive Politics Podcast in Michigan.  
IURL is top Progressive Podcast on the Blog Talk Radio and syndicated by Tune-In Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, Player FM, Learn Out Loud and a host of other top-tier podcast networks."

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Op/Ed - Please Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Derrière: LGBTQ Marriage is the Law

Photo Credit -

Op/Ed Written by "FlaGatorJD" of Democratic Underground - Republished with Permission

I know some of you are terribly upset about all this equality and marriage stuff, and you're so fed up, you're ready to just leave this country. 

First, let's remember that you said you'd leave if President Obama were elected. He was, and you didn't, and except for the problems in your head, and our inability to stop killing one another, America is doing fine, or at least a whole lot better than when he took office.

Although a few are currently suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome, or EHS, the economy has improved, more Americans are back to work, and millions of Americans have insurance for the first time, which means they go to sleep without the fear of getting sick and losing everything.

I know, that last part really bothers a lot of you, especially our GOP leaders, like the criminals in Tallahassee. So let's talk about Wall Street. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Obama is the worst socialist ever! I sure hope Bernie Sanders will do better. 

Ok, but all this doesn't matter and you're ready to leave, because now that America is "gay friendly", the whole damn country will be adorned in rainbows, and the whole world will be coming here. Just FYI, if you're interested in any facts, the U.S. doesn't even make the top ten in least homophobic countries. It comes in at twelve, but that doesn't matter, and let's get you packed up and ready. 

Now if you're shopping for houses already, and the Riviera is enticing,you might like to know Spain is the least homophobic, with only 6% of Spaniards saying it is "morally unacceptable", compared to 37% in the U.S. Then fine, living in the French or Italian Riviera might be a little more expensive, but screw Spain, right? Sorry, France and Italy come in at third and eighth on the least homophobic list. Collectively, it's like a huge frigging rainbow sitting on top of the Mediterranean!  

Let's try another approach, let's just look at the most homophobic countries and pick one of those. That would be great, living with all those like-minded individual, wouldn't it?

Ok, let's check your options: While Ghana got the top spot, with 98% saying it was "morally unacceptable", the unofficial "most homophobic country" is the small Asian country of Brunei! 

While not polled like the others, the fact that the government recently voted to stone gays to death gave it special attention. You'll be pleased to know Bruneian citizens pay no taxes, and the government provides for all medical services and free education through university. 

I know, again, that last part doesn't sit well with a lot of you, giving people Free Stuff, but NO TAXES. Another part you might like is that they have a King, and the same family has been in power for around 500 years. 

However, it is 80% Muslim, but I'm sure the 8% minority Christians are treated fairly and with due respect. If Ghana or Brunei don't suit your fancy, your other options in the top 10 most homophobic nations include: Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian, Indonesia, Uganda, Tunisia, Kenya, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

So gentlemen, pack your Summer clothes and sunscreen. I'm sorry ladies, but you'll have to leave your bathing suits here with the heathens, but since all of these are Muslim countries, I believe, you will likely need a burka.


About The Author:
Craig "Red" Holland studied politics and law at the University of Florida, B.A. '83, J.D. '86. He calls himself a "recovering attorney" who left the stress world of law to travel the world, live a better life, and fight for a progressive America.

He has worked on presidential campaigns  
and served as executive director for a non-profit cycling advocacy group where he lives in Naples, FL. 

He is available to provide copy or articles on progressive causes. He can be reached at 

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

(Video) The Bravery of Bree Newsome: Activist Takes Down Confederate Flag at South Carolina Capitol

Photo Credit - IU News & Talk
Activist Bree Newsome on June 27, 2015, climbed atop the pole
at Columbia, South Carolina capitol building and removed
the Confederate Flag.
UPDATE: 2:15 pm ET - The Associated Press reports 45 minutes after activist Bree Newsome climbed atop of a pole in front of Columbia, South Carolina Capitol Building and removed the Confederate Flag, Governor Nikki Haley ordered the flag back up based on a questionable provision of State Law.
"The flag, which is protected by state law, was raised about 45 minutes later, well ahead of a rally later Saturday by supporters of keeping the flag where it is," AP reporters Emily Masters and Bruce Smith cited.
Michigan Filmmaker Michael Moore has offered to pay legal fees for Bree Newsome, and issued the statement in a Tweet on Saturday morning. 
Newsome and fellow activist James Ian Dyson have been charged by the State of South Carolina with criminal charges for defacing a "monument".


Activist Bree Newsome climbed a flagpole in front of the Columbia, South Carolina capitol building early on Saturday, June 27, 2015 and removed the Confederate flag flying in front of the building.

Newsome's action came a day after President Barack Obama gave the eulogy for the late State Senator and Rev. Clementa Pincket who was murdered by confessed murderer and white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof, along with eight other people in Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church last week.

Newsome a 30-year-old African-American youth organizer from Charlotte, North Carolina, climbed the flagpole before 6am and took down the controversial emblem of the antebellum, slaveholding south, with the assistance of James Ian Dyson, a Caucasian activist.

The activist was halfway up the 30ft pole when three South Carolina Capitol police officers, two of whom were African-American, demanded that she climb back down, but Newsome continued upward and removed the flag.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley held a press conference on June 22, 2015, with Republican and Democratic Members of the State Legislator, Congressman James Clyburn (D) and Senator Tim Scott (R), both of whom are African-American, calling for the flag to be removed.

Since Haley's announcement, neither the South Carolina Assembly or the Governor herself have made any concrete movements to actually remove the Confederate Flag from State Capitol grounds.

CNN has reported Newsome and Dyson had been charged with defacing a monument.

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