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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Op/Ed: Why Independent Underground is Closing Down: Michigan's Cognitive Dissonance Effect

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It's been less than 24 hours and emails, phone calls and messages fill the chain ways of communication methods asking:
"Why is Independent Underground closing down?"
Amazing it takes what has been a train locomoting for the past six months towards an abrupt stop --  ignored by many while enjoying the ride for free -- for some to wake up. Nothing can survive free forever including the soon-to-be-former news, information and commentary resource of IUNT, now ending December 1, 2014.

Starting 2014 a little publicly known matrix was formed highlighting a strategic contingency plan for IUNT. It called for if IUNT not monetary stable year end, the business would fold.

However, going gently into the night was not the style of IUNT without a fight. Thus determining the loyalty of on a statistical basis, the "fans" listening to the podcast Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) and reading IUNT was important.

The open question: Would individuals be willing to support monetary by regular donations or contributions what was received after much blood, sweat and tears on the back in, for free?

As a recipient of an degree, a Masters of Business Administration M.B.A., better known as the Corporate Capitalist degree; a misconceived notion of defining the odds was forged in the periled belief the People would support not just by words but monetary revenue - an ideology they believed in.

The stark Reality proved less than twenty individuals put their money where their social media mouths were and contributed to keep IUNT afloat in 2014.

Cognitive Dissonance according to psychologist Leon Festinger stands for holding:
"Many cognitions about the world and ourselves; when they clash, a discrepancy is evoked, resulting in a state of tension known as cognitive dissonance. As the experience of dissonance is unpleasant, we are motivated to reduce or eliminate it, and achieve consonance."
In simple terms, individuals can and often do boast many beliefs about our society, culture, norms and economic conditions. However, when it comes to supporting actions and/or causes aligning with our beliefs, conflicts based on will, determination, want or actual follow-though occurs.

Ironically, the 'Powers That Be' (PTB) fail on their behalf to suffer the same fate.

In fact, by using any monetary means necessary the PTB controls our media, the narrative, nearly all elections, of course Wall Street, most communication channels, a majority of the nations' assets and anything else they so choose.

The PTB determines what will be written in newspapers or discussed on airwaves. Who will be the designated 'Leaders' of many causes by using highly effective strategic marketing techniques. Along with what would be 'pushed' in social media and more.

For instance, Comedy Central's Jessica Williams recent visit in highlighting efforts of Detroit Water Brigade was hailed as a victory on 'pushing the narrative' on a national scale. Meanwhile a litany of city residents facing shutoffs for non-payments of bills, have continued to occur at a rapid pace for at least the last year and one-half.

The reality is it took nearly eighteen months or more for The Daily Show to cover Detroit's water shutoffs. Despite these facts, the visit has been shared in social mediasphere like new news was surfaced with Ms. Williams visit and subsequent interview with race baiting Detroit News Editorial Commentary Columnist Nolan Finley.

Finley for at least the past year in series of so-called Op/Ed articles touted a clear narrative shared by PTB: Detroit's Majority Black Residents wanted 'Free Stuff.

Specifically, these residents wanted Free Water without a responsibly to pay for the H2O, like a new kind of Welfare was forged by resident fighting for an opportunity to flush down sewers bodily waste with a steady flow of water -- instead of such waste piling up elsewhere.

Yet, now post-bankruptcy, Detroit's former water department is owned lock, stock and barrel by a 'Regional Authority' made up of board members appointed by Governor Rick Snyder (R) and 'Suburban' leaders. In a dose of double irony it was Governor Snyder along with former State Treasurer now Consultant for Conway-Mackenzie Andy Dillon, whom pushed for the City to end up in Bankruptcy court in the first place.

The latter is a clear example of Cognitive Dissonance (CD), where "instant' peril and sudden 'concern' is a day late and a dollar short, The PTB not only got what they wanted, Detroit's Water and Sewer Department but much, much more.

Also the facts are, the same PTB will continue to shut off water of 'certain' residents they perceive want 'Free Stuff' anytime they so choose.

In other words: Nothing has changed.

Wrapping our heads at IUNT around the CD reality was not an easy. Yet, Michigan's November 4th Election results definitely helped.

Where again by either a will or want, or others by a complete and utter lack of participation -- affirmed not only Governor Rick Snyder's re-election but increased Republican majorities in the State Legislative Chambers, kept a GOP lock on the Attorney General, Secretary of State and Supreme Court positions. 

Which leads to a future that not pretty in the least for what some call the "Blue" leaning state of Michigan due to another CD effect --- unlikely to be fixed for decades on end.

To be Frank: The PTB are winning in power, structure and message.

They understand that when waters are most turbulent, many individuals will jump ship instead of standing behind the any conviction expressed by so-called words. IUNT stood behind our convictions of words since 2010 and tried to lead a change. We failed and must move on as a result.

As the so-called "Blue" state political party leadership continues to live in bygone era matrix where economic prosperity meant how many union jobs are created to fund the coffers of their Political Party operations. Along with on the back in Political Party Leadership 'secretly' laying down in hay with the same PTB sheep working to maintain a periled vision status quo, while suppressing needs of the masses. 

In this reality, there can be no winners in Michigan unless one controls the purse strings; or the People stop partaking in ultimate time waster of social media -- and start doing things instead.

What does the future hold for IUNT heartbeat, it's writers?

A move out of Michigan is on the likely horizon as the problems in this state will take more time and effort to repair than our will to remain living here  - wants to experience. Furthermore, reformatting the podcast over in the next six months and bring it back is a likely opinion. However politics and all things associated et. al., will be the last thing discussed -- if ever on the new podcast.

Finally, the metaphor "If one can't beat them, join them" take ever more importance as wasting the M.B.A. is not an option. At least for the folks that secretly wanted our Independent voice OUT of POLITICS -- you have achieved your wish.

Until we meet again.....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Op/Ed: Michigan has No Legal Obligation to Provide a Quality Public Education, So Says the State Appellate Court

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As the State of Public Education continues to decline in Michigan for the
enrichment of Wall Street associated K-12 education companies and investors,
the efforts gained by the 1950's U.S> Supreme Court Brown v Board of Education
decision continue to erode. 
Independent Underground News & Talk presents the below Guest Post by Detroit resident Carl S. Taylor about the State of Public Education in Michigan and Governor Rick Snyder's answer to what is perceived as "low-performing" Public School schools -- the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA).

An "Authority" whose tales of utter mismanagement, waste of taxpayers resources, inability to keep students and appearance of being unable to educate children in Detroit, the EAA still manages to pay legendary bloated salaries.

Whatever happened to the Republican mantra of 'performance for results?'

It would be best to assume those words fall out the window when in an effort to balance financial statements to smooth over high stake Wall Street investors take precedence, before educating Michigan's next generation.

In light of the latest Michigan Appeals Court ruling on November 7, affirming the Conservative/Tea Party position that Michigan has zero responsibility to provide quality public education for the States' children, it would be make sense why flying circus show called the Educational Achievement Authority exist.
From the Michigan Citizen - November 14, 2014:

In a blow to schoolchildren statewide, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 7 the State of Michigan has no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to students in the struggling Highland Park School District.
"A 2-1 decision reversed an earlier circuit court ruling that there is a “broad compelling state interest in the provision of an education to all children.”
The appellate court said the state has no constitutional requirement to ensure schoolchildren actually learn fundamental skills such as reading — but rather is obligated only to establish and finance a public education system, regardless of quality. Waving off decades of historic judicial impact on educational reform, the majority opinion also contends that “judges are not equipped to decide educational policy.”
“This ruling should outrage anyone who cares about our public education system,” said Kary L. Moss, executive director of the American Civil Liberties of Michigan. “The court washes its hands and absolves the state of any responsibility in a district that has failed and continues to fail its children.”
The State Appellate Court ruling would apply to any struggling academically public school district in Michigan. Down right frighting in light of the latest EAA Chancellor Veronica Conforme robust salary of $325K to supervise the education of economically-disadvantaged children in Detroit, along with the last EAA Supervisor John Covington complete failure for living up to the task of educating children at $225K a year before his forced resignation.

Conforme will earn more by the minute than Michigan's Governor, House or Senate Representatives, the Attorney General, Secretary of State, U.S. Congressional Representatives or the President of the United States.

For a State affectionately known as the "Model of Corruption", it appears the new style corruption has no bounds, even to the point of ensuring a quality, equal, public education is not found, in Michigan.

Without further ado, the Guest Post from Carl S. Taylor of Detroit.

Detroit, the EAA and the EAA's Failed Results - by Carl S. Taylor

The EAA is a perfect example of the arrogance against the citizens of Michigan.

The 'chancellor' pay is an affront to all teachers, public educators with the salary and perks.

During these lean times with many good teachers losing benefits, lowering of salaries the Money Elite can give the previous Vice Lords (EAA) bodyguards, drivers, bonus on top of salaries that outrank the governor, mayors in the poorest big city in America?

Many folks applauded when public corruption brought Kwame to prison. Where is the same treatment for the EAA corruptors. Folks are paid large sums of taxpayers money or private unknown money to exist after helping their partners to the booty to correct public education. 

This is better? The Detroit Public School District has had more failed leaders who get the bank? 

Foolish plans, shake deals, and more tricks from the EAA gang. EAA is shameful, not to mention the fact that the children are left uneducated and ready for what? Prison scholarships? That cost is the most expensive scholarship in Michigan. 

The EAA continues to put funds into ghost neighborhoods, no people, three to five kids in schools with their lackluster educational theories. The picture painted is a falsehood. 

I recently was in my old west side community with no people, yet, EAA is selling snake oil about how great their educational plan is working. Look at the payroll, follow the money, staffing and wages? 

Of course when certain transgressors of public school board transgressions are returned to the scene of the crime it makes it much easier for the likes of EAA second class service. The EAA is a feeble answer to poverty, poor students, and poor communities. This is not just Detroit, it is national. 

Detroit is just the proving grounds, the stunt dummies for trying new Trojan Horses that finish off the job of destroying post industrial America. Reduced teachers pay, benefits, like the factory workers reduced to the point of take it or leave it. Meanwhile, the raping of public funds continues with EAA's, and Chancellors with their fat salaries. 

This whole period of public policy is about as democratic as Nazi Germany.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Episode 363: Play Independent Underground Post Election Analysis: After Election Day 2014 Cheers & Tears 11/5 - IU Radio LIVE

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Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST!

It was a bloodbath night for Michigan Democrats with the exception of Senator -Elect Gary Peters. Governor Rick Snyder was re-elected, the Michigan House/Senate remain in Republican control.
The State Supreme Court did not change from GOP control. Attorney General Bill Schuette and SOS Ruth Johnson were re-elected. In fact, the GOP gained seats in the Michigan House by 4.
Is it time to change the Leadership of the Michigan Democratic Party? If so, who should take the reins. Should difference candidates be ran from a Progressive stance? If so who.
Also Regular guest and Wisconsin Political Guru Penny Sikora from Penny Politics will join us to discuss what went wrong with our neighbor across Lake Michigan election as Scott Walker was re-elected for the third time in four years and does the GOP Sweep of the Midwest means that the Kich Brothers money have silence Progressive Policies and any associated mandates?
Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) FEATURED FOUR YEAR ON BTR -Progressive Talk Radio- podcast based out of Ann Arbor covering Michigan and National Politics, breaking news and more. As Michigan's Top Politico podcast, IU Radio LIVE had over 1.2 Million podcast downloads since 2010!
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Senator-Elect Gary Peters won: Michigan's Purple Split Ticket Party Voters

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Michigan is a Purple State full of split ticket voters. In a say it loud from the rooftop scenario again: Michigan is a Purple State fill of split ticket voters.
 For a Statewide or Federal candidate to win during a general election, the potential office holder must appeal broadly to Michigan's deeply blue, light blue, purple, purple-red and deeply red counties. Senator-Elect Gary Peters knew full well how to ride the five colors in the Crayola crayon box called Michigan, and won.
Let's examine the numbers shall we:

Unofficial Numbers from the Michigan Secretary of State website as of November 5, 2014

 Gary Peters (D): 1,702,460 or 54.58%              Terri Lynn Land (R): 1,288,126 41.37%

Peters received about 414.334 votes more than Land gained statewide. 

Now let's look at the County Split. Michigan has 83 Countries in total which are a mix of the five colors in the Crayola Crayon box -- despite the Red and Blue appearance on the map below.
Photo Credit - Google/ Michigan Election Senate
Observing the mitten and bunny shape in appearance parts of Michigan, Senator-Elect Peters nearly split a mix of blue, light blue, purple, purple red and light red counties. When Democrats win Statewide in Michigan, a Purple state at best, the generally map looks like this.

Need more proof. 

Let's compare Senator-Elect Peters win via the numbers, to former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) two wins in 2002 and 2006.

Granholm's 2006 victory statistical data as an Incumbent Governor:

Jennifer Granholm (D)  2,142,513 or 56.3%                           Dick DeVos (R) 1,608,086 or 42.3%

For Granholm's 2002 victory, the data was much closer. One important notation is before Granholm's win over Dick Posthumus (R), Michigan had a Republican Governor for twelve years prior named John Engler.

Jennifer Granholm (D) 1,633,796 or 51.4%                      Dick Posthumus (R) 1,506,104 or 47.4%

The margin of Granholm's 2002 victory was smaller 4.0% over the former Governor's 2006 victory of 14% over Amway Founder and Right to Work for Less legislation cohort Dick DeVos.

However, some patterns are clear in Granholm's and Peters' victories.

First, is the winning candidate usual gains over 50% of the vote in Michigan. Two, the minimum standard for victory in Michigan in a Statewide election is about 1.6 million or above votes. Three, the candidate must appeal outside of the traditional deep blue areas of S.E. Michigan into the light blue, purple, purple/red countries in the rest of Michigan.

Still not sold on the analysis.

Fine, let's examine the recently re-elected Gov. Rick Snyder's road to victory in 2010 and 2014.

Let's start with Snyder's 2010 race where the Governor campaigned as "One-Tough Nerd" and a "Moderate Republican" to have cross-over appeal to split ticket Democrats and self-described Independents.

 Rick Snyder (R) 1,874,834 or 58.11%                   Virg Bernero (D) 1,287,320 or 39.90%

In 2010, the Snyder campaign strategy worked. Many self-described Democrats voted for the Republican candidate over Democrat Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero by 584,514 votes, or a 18.21% margin.

However, notice how Snyder beat Granholm's 2002 victory total by about 200K votes. Eight years later in 2010, Bernero underperformed in his lost compared to Posthumus by 218,784 votes.

Some state voters stayed home in 2010, in similar to many other areas across the country. Yet, the data suggest if a first time Statewide prospective candidate for office appeals to the Michigan Crayola Crayon box mix of shades of blue, purple and red voters and countries, they will win.

And if they do not, or worse the campaign message fails to gain Split Ticket voters of Michigan, the below action will occur.
Photo Credit - Google/Michigan Election Governor 2014

This sea of red map is Michigan's mitten and bunny shaped areas as they voted for the 2014 Gubernatorial race.

Notice the difference between the Governor's Race Map and the U.S. Senate Race Map for Gary Peters. Specifically the map has plenty more red and a lot less blue.

Now let's pivot to examine the numbers between Rick Snyder's reelection quest and challenger former Congressman Mark Schauer (D) attempt to unseat a Michigan Governor vying for a second term.

Unofficial Numbers from the Michigan Secretary of State website as of November 5, 2014

Rick Snyder (R) 1,605,034 or 50.95%                  Mark Schauer (D) 1,476,904 or 46.83%

A couple of data points immediately stand out. 

First, Schauer lost to Governor Rick Snyder by 4.1% points similar to the same percentage, Granholm won over opponent Posthumus in 2002.  Second, the split between the two candidates was 128,130 votes or approximately 286,204 voters in Michigan split their ballots to vote for Senator-Elect Gary Peters instead of Mark Schauer.

If a clear examination of the data does not confirm again, that Michigan is a Purple state, it is unknown what will solidify facts of this Great Lakes Blue state reality.

The facts are the following:

*To win statewide candidates must create a split ticket vote in Michigan at the ballot box. Peters did so effectively in 2014, he won. Snyder was effective at this in 2010 and 2014, however to a lesser amount on his second reelection quest; he won. Granholm pattern in 2006 was similar to Snyder's victory in 2010, and the close nature of Granholm's win in 2002 by the numbers nearly mirrored Snyder's 2014 win. Voters split their tickets in Michigan and this is a reality.

*The Michigan Democratic Party of gaining "new" of "disaffected" voters from 2010, barely worked in 2014. In fact, it appears these voters might seem to have existed in Michigan regardless, as if one was to compare the numbers of Granholm/Posthumus 2002 race and Schauer/Snyder 2014 contest, they are very similar in nature.

*The issue appears to be while Senator-Elect Gary Peters Campaign worked well at gaining split ticket voters, Mark Schauer's campaign did not. Congressman Peters recent 2012 hotly contested 14th Congressional District was victorious against a sea of Democratic candidates in an area redistricted by Republicans in the U.S. House. 

Also, one would not be giving Peters campaign the credit it is due on the successful win without highlighting the Candidate lives in Oakland County -- home of the famous "Reagan Democrats".

*The only way to slightly the impact of split ticket purple party voters is a robust election turnout of Michigan's largest city of Detroit approximately 300K registered voters, who primary vote for Democrats when and IF they vote.

*On Tuesday Detroit's voter turnout was
31.41% or less than 32% of the total potential voters in the primarily Democrat stronghold. Nearly little to no movement, percentage wise, took place in voter turnout from November 2, 2010 General Election were only 31.40% or registered voters hit the polls. The Michigan Democratic Party managed to increase turnout in Detroit by only .01% from 2010 to 2014 General Elections.

State Democrats have much work to do before the 2016 Elections where Statewide a slim opportunity to take over the majority of the chamber exist or to gain some seats at best.

Unless a 360 degree view based on Michigan's historical statewide candidate voting history is done on why Gary Peters won while other Statewide Democratic candidates with the exception of the State Board of Education and one Michigan Supreme Court pick up -- lost; the bloodbath seen on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 will continue.

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